Magister Management

Information Technology is an essential element of all business, industry, services, and government and is an established key to success in this era of globalization: Business and Information Technology are inseparable within contemporary economics systems and modem business practices.

Recognizing the above, UNIKOM has established Magister Management, a unique and comprehensive study program designed to produce IT Specialists with a thorough knowledge of business practice and who can assimilate with specific business needs.

Suitably qualified professional people able to apply practical IT solutions in challenging business situations and IT professionals who can integrate information and multimedia technology with all business functions both nationally and globally are in big demand nowadays. Excellence in the field of IT is a valuable corporate resource that provides the competitive edge and plays a major role in winning business in commerce, industry, and services.

UNIKOM's MM Program is open to all holders of a Bachelor Degree from scientific backgrounds, young executives, managers, and company leaders.

Lecturers from various backgrounds, including scholars, IT practitioners, and successful businessmen guide students through the course using Case Studies, Business Simulations, Reality Games, and Group Workshops in both National and Multination situations.

UNIKOM is a high achiever in the field of IT, a fact supported by its successes in a number of IT competitions, some of which are listed below.

  • The Winner of 5 World Champion International Robot Contest, USA, 2009, 2010, and 2011
  • Top 5 Provate Universities (PTS) of Indonesia World Rank 2011 (webometrics)
  • Top 20 Universities of Indonesia World Rank 2011 (webometrics)
  • Top National Winner of Rocket Contest 2010, etc

These results - along with many others, are evidence of our commitment to make UNIKOM's IT MM Program Central to Modem Business Education.

Prepare yourself to become a strong business leader in the current era of globalization.
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